Beckett: Poetry – No. 2178, Living Amidst the Wicked

This poem is based on the imprecatory psalm, Psalm 52.

Why do you flaunt your iniquity,
O hedonistic people?
The Lord God is steadfast
against your wills feeble.

Your tongue plots our ruin
like a cunning rat, you liars.
You do evil and call it good,
singing your lies as a choir.

You speak only to devour,
but God will destroy you.
He will snatch you from comfort
for the evil you accrue.

God’s people shall see and fear Him,
and shall laugh at your destruction:
“See they who refused refuge in God!
Who can pity their condemnation?

“They trusted in their wealth
and in their anonymity.
Their refuge was their own ruin
and their pride their ignominy!”

Yet I, I am like a palm tree
in the Lord’s holy house.
I trust in His love
no matter your casting doubts.

O God, I thank You forever,
for Your grace is completed.
I wait for Your good name
with the saints undefeated.


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