Our Father

Matthew 6:9, “Our Father, who is in Heaven…” (own Greek translation). What does this mean? Luther explains in his Small Catechism, “With these words God wants to entice us, so that we come to believe He is truly our Father and we are truly His children, in order that we may ask Him boldly and with complete […]

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Your Will Be Done

Matthew 6:10b, “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” What does this mean? Luther explains in his Small Catechism, “God’s good and gracious will comes about without our prayer, but we ask in this prayer that it may also come about in and among us” (10). How does His will come about […]

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The Lord’s Prayer: Deliver Us

Finally, recognizing our own unworthiness, our sinfulness, and our redemption as sons in our Lord, Father, and Savior, Jesus Christ, we ask Him for deliverance from temptation and from the evil one. This portion of the prayer should be kept in close connection with the last portion. Indeed, this portion, just as much as the […]

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The Lord’s Prayer: Temptation

Following the part of the Prayer that asks for forgiveness and grace, we go to the reason why we need such things: sin. Sin is part of fleshly nature, and its desires lead us into this rebellion against God. Thus, we ask, “And lead us not into temptation, …” (Mat. 6:13). But why do we […]

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The Lord’s Prayer: Hallowed

The previous sections of this series have focused on the person of God, the existence of God, and the sovereignty of God. These phrases help to put a right focus on the Lord’s Prayer. Additionally, keeping these thoughts in mind helps us focus on God as we pray. This next part will focus on the […]

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