Meet the Staff

Garrick Beckett, Editor-in-Chief

Garrick Sinclair “Ricky” Beckett is the founder of The Lutheran Column. He is a graduate from Concordia University-Ann Arbor from the Pre-Seminary program with a major in Christian Thought and a minor in Theological Languages. Currently, he is a seminarian at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri as he works on his M.Div. Ricky plans to use his M.Div. towards being an editor and writer with Concordia Publishing House while working as a part-time associate/assistant pastor at a local congregation. When he’s not studying or spending time with family, Ricky enjoys doing photography, writing poetry and short stories, reading, and playing video games. Some of his favourite video games include Destiny, Halo, Borderlands, Pokémon, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect.

Rachel Gonzalez, Editor

Rachel Gonzalez graduated from Concordia University-Ann Arbor with a degree in English. She is a beloved daughter of God and the wife of a first-year seminary student. Gonzalez is a huge fan of Russian Literature and anything Jane Austen. She also probably knows more Harry Potter spells than she ought. She is working towards a career in Editing and is enjoying babysitting on the side. When she has time, she likes to try her hand at writing: short stories, novels, and whatever else comes to mind.

Madelyn Rose, Author

Rose is a Christian and wife first, apologist and writer second. Her alma mater is Concordia University-Ann Arbor, graduating with a Bachelors in English and a minor in Art. Rose loves to do research, however, within the fields of history, the sciences, literature, art, and Scriptural studies. If she is not writing, Rose is taking care of her husband, reading, playing music, or painting some new landscape. If housewife counts as a career, she could ask for nothing better to pursue in life as a Christian woman. Besides writing various research papers and posts for multiple blogs, Rose has written and is currently working on a collection of short stories, most of which hold a greater, allegorical message for current or personal events. Her prize project, though, is her book that discusses the Table of Nations (Genesis 10), its relation to the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2), and the connection of all people both genetically and spiritually (Acts 17:26, Ephesians 3:6). Her goal in life, together with serving her family, is to live a life worthy of her calling in Christ by using her gifts to the glory of God.

Brad Jarvis Willis, Author

Brad Jarvis Willis holds degrees from Concordia Ann Arbor (Bachelor’s of Arts Religious Studies), Concordia Wisconsin (Graduate Certificate in Christian Education), and Concordia Irvine (Master’s of Arts in Theology). His Master’s Thesis was on Christian Baptism, which he plans to expand into a book. He is currently working on a Certificate from Biola in Apologetics. His career goal is to one day be a teacher or a professor. He is also planning on running a podcast called Lutheran Watchmen, where he reviews Lutheran sermons and addresses theological content. Additionally he plans on running another podcast dealing with the entertainment industry. He is an avid video gamer, with his favorite games being Rainbow Six Siege, The Last of Us, and Final Fantasy VI.

Christine Milner, Author

Christine Milner studied Family Life Ministry at Concordia University-Ann Arbor with a double minor in Youth Ministry and Marketing. Upon graduating, she plans to be a Director of Family Life Ministry (DFLM). Currently she’s on a break from her studies and focusing on her own family. Christine is married to a wonderfully nerdy husband and is mommy to a precious and energetic baby boy. She does part-time marketing work for several non-profit organizations and volunteers as a Sunday School teacher and Youth Group leader. As a librarian’s daughter, she loves reading anything from Shakespeare to shampoo bottles. Christine also enjoys playing video games like Bioshock, discussing theology with her husband, walking barefoot in the grass, and sharing her passion for faith-based families with the world.

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