Baptism: John 3

Water and new birth? Find out what Jesus had to say about them in connection to Baptism.

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Baptism: Romans 6

Further Explanation My thesis took a rather uncharacteristic approach from the usual endeavour, as in mine was generally a survey of the Scriptures concerning what they had to say about the topic at hand, that being what is Baptism, who is the worker, and what benefits does it bring. Typically a thesis will examine a […]

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Jesus, Baptism, and Immersion

This article was originally posted as a note on my Facebook. But I felt it was an important topic that is often discussed in theological discourse. This article concerns the concept of Immersion in regard to Baptism. There exists within the world people who insist that Immersion—being fully submerged in water—is the only way people are […]

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The Typology of Abigail’s Faith

Check out my newest article with Geeks Under Grace! What do we make of Abigail’s loyalty and her husband Nabal’s disloyalty to David in 1 Samuel 25? They are two unseemly characters in God’s narrative of the coming Messiah. Abigail seems an insignificant character at first, but there’s a lot more depth to her example. […]

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Why Should I Go To Church?

As a future pastor, this question bugs me. I come across Christians from all different walks of life who somehow get it in their heads that since they’re Christian, church isn’t required. Actually, the opposite is true. Church is required because you’re Christian! If you’re not Christian, obviously church isn’t required. After all, why would an unbeliever […]

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The Rainbow Promise

As you’re reading this, keep at the forefront of your mind: What is the meaning of the rainbow so far as the covenant of Christ is concerned? A little bit of exposition: after Cain killed his brother Abel, there were two lines—Cain and Seth. Cain’s line was called the sons of man, and Seth’s line […]

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Everything Is A Theological Issue

Everything is a theological issue. What do I mean by this? The context of this thought comes from 2 Corinthians 10:4, “For the weapons of our warfare are not of flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” And Ephesians 6:11-18 about wearing the armour of God. We quote these verses all the time and even do numerous Bible studies […]

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“Deliver Us From Evil”

Before I started my Lutheran confirmation classes, I read the entire Book of Concord and one of the things that really struck me was what Luther said about the last petition of the Lord’s Prayer. In this petition, many English translations read, “but deliver us from evil.” For those who can read Greek, this is […]

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