Beckett: Poetry – No. 1818, God’s Law is Good

This poem is based on Psalm 19:7-11.

God’s Law is perfect,
     which revives the soul.
Our sins it convicts, —
     righteousness its only goal.

The Law testifies about Him,
     making wise we who are simple.
Thus, we praise God in hymn
     with lyre, voice, and cymbal.

God’s commandments are absolute,
     bringing light to our eyes.
All human wisdom His Word disputes,
     the fear of God to chastise.

God’s Word is immutably true;
     His laws reveal His righteousness.
He knows the soul through and through;
     His Word knows not idleness.

We ought to desire the Law more than wealth,
     for it is sweeter than any sugar.
It is for the good of His servants’ health,
     even though it’s full of rigor.

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