Daily Devotion: Your Own Way is the Wrong Way

Isaiah 53:6, All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—everyone—to his own way; and Yahweh has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

To be a sinner is nothing more or less than to turn to one’s own ways. This could not be more prevalent than in today’s world. “Progressives” turn to their own ways in homosexuality, transgenderism, murdering infants even after they survive abortion, and socialist tyranny. Conservatives do not want to love their foreign neighbour or their enemy. All imagine their own way is the best way, but in truth they stray from the way of God and bathe in iniquity like a dog playing and frolicking in mud and dung.

God could have left us to play in our own excrement; He has that right as our Creator. Instead, He laid all these iniquities of ours upon His Son, Jesus Christ. Though we prefer to play in our own muck, Christ lays Himself upon the cross as the punishment for our iniquities. In His mercy, He brings us sheep covered in our muck and grime and cleanses us in the waters of Baptism, setting us in His pasture where we are free to frolic in grace and mercy and no longer in the sins of our own ways.

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