Daily Devotion: Spiritual Infidelity

Psalm 33:4, For the Word of Yahweh is upright, and all His work is done in faithfulness.

God is the faithful husband; we, the Church, are the adulterous wife. It is our natural condition to commit spiritual infidelity; we desire other gods more than the God and Creator of all things. Yet God does not divorce us. In His mercy, He remains faithful and true to His Word. We give Him every reason to leave us in our self-destruction, but He cannot bear the thought of our peril. Thus, He sent His Son to be the Intercessor—the Advocate—on our behalf. The Law prosecutes us in our sin, demanding the just punishment for our infidelities against God. Yet Christ is our defence attorney; He advocates for us and claims us innocent because He took the punishment of death, Hell, and God’s wrath upon Himself on our behalf. All this was God’s work that He remain faithful to bring us back to Him in holy matrimony with Christ.

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