Daily Devotion: The Voice of the Prophet

Acts 3:22, Moses said, “The Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me from your brothers. You shall listen to him in whatever he tells you.”

All prophets are sent from God the Father, and all speak with His authority, especially Christ the Son—the final prophet. Luther: “Everywhere in the Gospel Christ Himself relates all His words to the Father’s will and counsel. He does so in order to bring about the realisation and the belief that everything He said and did flowed from the Father’s command and from the Father Himself” (Sermons on the Gospel of John, Chapters 14-16, LW 24:403).

Throughout all human history, few have listened to the voice of the Prophets. The only proper response to a prophet’s voice is repentance and trust in the Word. Throughout all history and especially today, many prefer to listen to their own voices rather than the voice of the Prophet, Jesus Christ. They think their own voice is wiser and smarter, but they fall into foolishness, stupidity, and debauchery.

False prophets even continue to rise, claiming to speak for God whilst they depose His Word and preach against Christ. Some even say the Word is archaic and outdated, but the Word is eternal; it never grows old and never needs updating. The only voice that grows old and outdated is the incessant human notion that human beings know better than the Creator does.

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