Casting Aside the Word

2 Timothy 4:4, [They] will then turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

Christians turn to heresy in every age. They become advocates for sin and enable the sins of others and they altogether cast aside God’s Word for doctrines of man. Today, this appears in advocacy and inclusion of unrepentant homosexuality, transgenderism, the murder of infants (abortion), sexual promiscuity, pornography, feeling God “within you” (enthusiasm/mysticism) rather than trusting and leaning on the external Word, and other pagan things.

What do we do in the midst of such heresies and evil? Nothing short of proclaiming the Gospel for the forgiveness of sins. We preach the Law when necessary in order to convict sin, but the Law always serves the Gospel. With the conviction we provide also the means of grace: Word and Sacrament. Remember, not even the gates of Hell shall prevail against Christ’s Church (Matthew 16:18). Neither will the doctrines of the Devil.

The Church has stood firm in every evil, heretical age because she is built upon Christ her rock (Matthew 7:24-27; 16:18). So she shall stand in this evil, heretical age.

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