Weakness of the Saints

Ecclesiastes 2:10, Consider the ancient generations and see: who trusted in the LORD and was put to shame?

We cannot relate to the strengths of the saints—David the shepherd who killed lions and bears, and David the king who destroyed armies; Gideon the Manassite who defeated Midian; Samson the Danite who defeated the Philistines; Esther who delivered her people from the evil hand of Xerxes; and so on. Who can compare to the great deeds of these mighty men and women? Yet none of them persevered without the strength of God. Without God, they failed and cowered. Without God, they were weak. Thus, they only persevered because they trusted in their Lord. Without God, we are weak, broken, and condemned creatures. But in Christ we have a hope and a promise—that He will make all things new (Revelation 21:5). God did not fail the saints; He will not fail us now, for God never fails a promise, and our promise is secure in Christ our King.

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