Idolatry of the Self

Habakkuk 1:11, Then they sweep by like the wind and go on, guilty men, whose own might is their god!”

These are the ways of the ungodly. To them, God’s favour is material fortune; to have misfortune is to lack God’s favour. Such are the wicked teachings of evil men, such as Joel Osteen, that blasphemous heretic. Yet he is not the only one. All unbelievers imagine their own self—their own predilections—are true and right. How can there be suffering if God is good, they wonder. They think goodness is the cessation of evil and never consider suffering is what we deserve, and that God’s goodness is the reversal of our just suffering—the reversal He enacts in our Baptism and the ultimate reversal of all creation at Christ’s return. So, they put confidence in their own might—sacred autonomy—and God allows them to prosper in their smugness only to make fools of them as they inevitably crumble into disaster. For to rely on oneself is self-destruction; to rely on God is to gain eternal life (Matthew 16:24-28).

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