Beckett: This Is Most Certainly True

At the end of each explanation to each article of the Creed, we say, “This is most certainly true.” To be Lutheran is to make these confessions your own. You do not go along with the common waves of the world but remain steadfast in the truth of God’s Word. As Luther once said, “Even if ten more worlds and all that is great, high, wise, and prudent, and all my dear friends and brethren besides desert me, yet the doctrine is right. It stands; nor will it fall as man fall and waver. I will stand by this Word of God no matter what else may stand or fall” (What Luther Says §4500).

Christianity is not for cowards. We preach the Law that condemns sin, even when the world says it’s offensive. If the Law offends you, good! That’s what it’s supposed to do, so repent! And when we preach the Gospel, the world scoffs at such Good News. When we confess God’s Word that Christ is the only way to salvation, the world again scoffs at us and demands we accept cultural relativism—that there are multiple ways to Heaven. False. There are multiple ways to Hell, but only one way to Heaven.

And when it is time to vote on ballots concerning moral issues, we don’t shrink down into moral cowardice and choose the easier option, neither do we refrain from speaking about certain life issues when the world tries to shut us up. Rather, we know God’s Word is most certainly true, for it is the same Word that created life out of nothing simply by speaking. We therefore believe it, trust it, honour it, and obey it. May we therefore pray that the Holy Spirit strengthen us with unwavering fortitude to uphold the infallible and inerrant Word of God.


1 thought on “Beckett: This Is Most Certainly True

  1. “What does this mean?” and “This is most certainly true.”

    The Lutheran question and the Lutheran exclamatory statement.

    Good column, Pastor.


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