Beckett: Poetry – No. 2190, When Choice is Stolen

This is a sestina poem.

He raped her and stole her innocence,
along with all her honour.
Everything was just fine in her life
until he took away her choice.
Now how can she give any man her trust
or ever feel at peace?

Things worsen as she seeks prior peace,
for she is pregnant with supposed innocence.
To whom can she turn and trust?
Which decision will restore her honour?
There is really only one choice
if she is to regain control over her life.

Despite the pleadings of the pro-life,
the best way to regain her peace
is to exercise her only choice
and to abort this little innocence.
With others, she will have regained her honour,
for in herself now she can only trust.

In autonomy was her trust,
but the abortion did not improve her life.
Health complications instead of honour,
guilt instead of newfound peace,
and shame instead of innocence,
she realises the sin in her choice.

Like the rapist did to her, she stole the baby’s choice;
she was its mother and only trust,
yet she destroyed its precious innocence
and its chance at any life.
It was selfishness, not peace, —
and murder, not honour.

Then she discovered God’s honour, —
by His gracious, holy choice,
He gave her His Son’s peace.
She broke down before Him in trust,
and He blessed her with the Spirit’s life
restoring her to innocence.

Even though her choice killed innocence,
in His honour the Lord gave her peace.
In trust she repented and gained new life.

1 thought on “Beckett: Poetry – No. 2190, When Choice is Stolen

  1. God have mercy!!


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