Beckett: Poetry – No. 2185, In the New Jerusalem

This poem is inspired by Revelation 21:4, 9-27.

In the New Jerusalem,
salvation shall descend upon us, —
the City of God coming on clouds
with God’s grace superfluous.

Sorrow shall not rain from our eyes,
for God shall dry them with His finger.
Violence shan’t hide in dark corners,
for evil shall no longer linger.

Anger shall no longer shout,
for joy shall fill our lips with praise.
Anxiety shan’t rear its ugly head,
for trust in God shall shine ablaze.

Insecurity shall be shattered
and fashioned into assurance.
Gluttony shall fade away,
for we’ll have riches in abundance.

Skepticism shall also collapse
since Christ’s Truth shall reign.
Hatred, too, shall evaporate,
never again to flood as rain.

Impatience shall cease to be,
for Christ will have come.
Satan and sin shall be defeated, —
to the fires of Hell they shall succumb.

His lies shan’t fly from our mouths,
for Christ’s Truth shall lie on our tongues.
Death itself shall be forgotten,
for Life shall forever spill from our lungs.

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