Beckett: Poetry – No. 1932, Fellowship

This poem is based on a chapter from Rev. Jonathan Fisk’s book, Echo. Keep an eye on my Instagram account for the 1st, 4th, and 5th results of the Gospel.

The second result of the Gospel, —
the common shape of all Christians
who confess their brokenness
and Christ as the answer to it.

All Christians are shaped
by the confession of their suffering
caused by their own sinfulness, —
that am the problem.

And we are all shaped
by the confession of our Saviour, —
Jesus has redeemed us
with the price of His precious blood.

All this shaping takes place
in an unusual way, —
God’s people gathering for Supper
with Christ’s body and blood therein.

At the Lord’s Holy Supper,
enemy dines with enemy,
being reconciled to God
and to one another.

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