Beckett: Poetry – No. 1917, God Speaks

This poem is based on a chapter in Rev. Jonathan Fisk’s book, Echo.

God’s Word is absolute power,
for when He speaks,
His Word does what He says.
Existence owes gratitude
to the power of His Word.

We are not content with this,
for we want that power ourselves.
Yet nothing, — not science or logic, —
can usurp God’s throne.
We want to be God.

If God wants to create all things
in six literal days of creation,
He certainly has that power.
Yet the real threat to us
is that He creates by speaking.

For we say words have no meaning, —
constructions of human imagination.
Yet God’s Word, which spoke words into being,
creates something about of nothing
and imbues meaning in all things.

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