Beckett: Poetry – No. 1914, There Is a God

This poem is inspired by Rev. Jonathan Fisk’s book, Echo.

His existence depends not
on meagre human consensus,
or human understanding,
for He is above creation.

If we could fully fathom Him,
He would be no God at all.
We despise Him because we know,
deep down, we are not Him.

Yet we ceaselessly try to be, —
ever since the Fall, —
the one who controls the universe
and speaks things into existence.

Instead, we consume ourselves
out of existence, and worship
things that are vain,
slaves in a façade of freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Beckett: Poetry – No. 1914, There Is a God

  1. A bit grim and defeatist for a holy poem; I’d nearly say realist, but that’s a no-no word.


    1. It’s not a holy poem (I’m no apostle or prophet); it’s a systematic poem (i.e. systematic theology).

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