Beckett: Poetry – No. 1907, Original Sin II

This poem is based on the Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, Article I (Original Sin), paragraph 6, specifically, “Before God, [people] are thoroughly and utterly infected and corrupted by original sin, as by a spiritual leprosy. Because of this corruption and because of the fall of the first man, the human nature or person is accused or condemned by God’s Law. So, we are by nature children of wrath.”

Zombies walk around
gorging on living flesh, —
a never-ending hunger,
bellies unable to be filled.

What an image of original sin.
We walk around aimlessly,
constantly gorging on stuff
to fill a bottomless void.

Zombies walk around
like decaying lepers.
We are spiritual lepers
decaying in sin decrepit.

Whatever we feed on,
we’re never satisfied.
Sin is a devilish tapeworm
that feeds on fleshly desires.

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