Beckett: Poetry – No. 1895, I Trust God when Friends Betray

This exegetical poem is based on Psalm 41:4-13.

O Lord, be gracious unto me;
     heal me from my transgressions!
Lest my enemies say with glee,
     “Let him face life’s cessation!”

Some pretend to be my friend
     when his heart has evil intent.
It is truth he wants to bend
     so false rumours may ascend.

They say, “See? What is his God,
     that he suffers disability?”
Even close friends nod,
     hence my trust’s fragility.

Yet I place my trust in You,
     for You are gracious to me.
In judgement let them subdue,
     that I may sit with glee.

By this I know Your delight:
     my enemy shall not know victory,
for You uphold me in Your Light, —
     You make me Your beneficiary.

Therefore, blessed be the Lord God
     for eternity lasting into eternity!
For He is faithful to this low sod.
     The Lord I worship fearfully!

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