Beckett: Poetry – No. 1845, The Lord Hears My Prayer

This exegetical poem is based on Psalm 28.

To You, my Rock, I send my call;
     be not deaf to my prayer
lest Your silence makes me fall
     into the Enemy’s snare.

Hear, I beg, my plea for mercy, —
     when I cry for Your aid
with hands lifted to Your sanctuary
     as my cause You surely weigh.

Do not place me with the wicked, —
     those who love iniquity
and who speak with peace crooked
     when evil is their proclivity.

Judge them with Your equity, —
     each according to his wicked deed;
give to them according to their enmity.
     Let Your wrath come with speed.

For they do not observe Your works
     or the creation of Your hands.
You will break them with Your curse;
     they shan’t inherit the land.

Let us give thanks to the Lord,
     for He has heard my lowly plea!
My prayer He has not ignored;
     He is my strength and my glee!

In Him I place my trust;
     He always lends His hand.
Thus, in Him my heart exults;
     my song for Him is grand.

He gives strength to His people unceasingly;
     He has chosen them for His salvation.
The Lord blesses us increasingly;
     He carries us without cessation!

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