Beckett: Poetry – No. 1827, The Lord is My Shepherd

This exegetical poem is based on Psalm 23.

The Lord is my Shepherd;
my needs He has measured.
     He supplies my needs daily,
     even more than the daisy.

I find rest in baptismal waters, —
my sins He daily slaughters.
     In grace He restores my soul;
     His righteousness He gives me whole.

Even when I meet death,
He gives me eternal breath.
     Thus, there is no evil I fear
     since to God I adhere.

For God is always present,
thanks to His Advent.
     He guards me with His staff,
     mediating on my behalf.

He has prepared for me His Table;
my faith His Supper makes stable.
     He anoints my head with favour,
     overflowing my cup with savour.

His mercy He freely gives, —
mine every day I’ll live.
     I shall dwell in His house forever,
     my salvation His sure endeavour.

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