Beckett: Poetry – No. 1793, Fear of the Lord

The fear of God is the simultaneous experience
of terror, reverence, and trust in the Almighty;
for He is wrathful, holy, awesome, and merciful,
whose default is to impart His grace.

For as Creator, He gives life and kills, —
He builds and destroys, as is His right.
Sinful, imperfect beings cannot withstand
His presence without entirely perishing.

For His holiness demands perfection.
Yet He performs His awesome, majestic deeds
to work life and salvation for His human creatures,
inspiring and necessitating our reverence and awe.

For through His own blood He made atonement for me,
the only source of refuge from His just wrath.
Because His Word produces its desired effect without fail,
this promise He has spoken is most trustworthy.

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