Beckett: Poetry – No. 1784; Be Still, My Soul

This poem is based on the words to LSB #752 Be Still, My Soul.

Be still, my soul;
     the Lord is with me.
Bear patiently the cross’s toll;
     leave to God your long lost glee.
Every day He faithfully remains;
     thus, be still, my soul,
for naught is above His ways;
     let not your spirit sink too low.

My soul, God Himself undertakes
     your future in His hands.
Your hope let nothing shake;
     in Christ you eternally stand.
Therefore, be still always
     through every stormy gale;
the Lord still knows the waves,
     on the cross His body frail.

Be still, though dear ones depart,
     and though all becomes dark;
for the Father sent His very heart
     to deliver you from Death’s mark.
Be still, for Christ did pay
     with His own precious blood
the wages all your sins weigh
     for you His dearly beloved.

Though the hour of death is quickening,
     be still, for you are the Lord’s.
Although your body is crippling,
     the Book of Life your name He records.
Fear, sorrow, and pain all gone,
     in Christ is your joyful end.
In Him the new creation shall dawn;
     thus, I’ll see you there, my dear friends.

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