Beckett: Poetry – No. 1777, Prayer for the Fatherless

This poem is based on Psalm 10.

O God, why do You stand afar?
     Where are You in our time of need?
For the rich hold the door of hope ajar
     only to watch them fall into their scheme.

The wicked boast of their inward desires
     and the rich denounce Your name.
In their pride they call You a liar;
     in unbelief they give You the blame.

It is no secret that the wicked prosper;
     they do not fear Your judgement.
They believe their ways are proper, —
     that their ways shall not plummet.

Their indoctrination curses and deceives;
     their politics cause mischief and evil.
Even in children they strive to conceive
     the murder of the innocent foetal.

Like a lion they wait to ambush
     any unsuspecting innocence.
The foetal are helplessly crushed
     because of our decadence.

Thus, they say, You have hidden Your face,
     that You do not see their wicked deeds.
Arise, O Lord, and hear my case!
     Please let Your mercy proceed!

The wicked foolishly think
     they shall not give an account.
But You, O God, see the foetal blinks;
     their deaths are a sickening amount.

Let evil no longer vex You, O Lord;
     You are the Father of these fatherless.
Break the reign of this evil horde
     that forces mothers to become motherless.

For You are King and reign forever;
     every nation shall see itself perish.
You have heard the cry of this poor beggar;
     strengthen my heart, for You I cherish.

O Father, bring justice for the fatherless;
     their oppression has gone on for too long.
Let their terror become profitless
     and return to us joyous, motherly song.

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