Rose: Review – LadyLike

ladylikeAuthors: Rebekah Curtis and Rose Adle
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

In a culture neck-deep in feminism and a church slowly embracing that culture, LadyLike was a breath of fresh air and a slap in the face. I mean this with all sincerity and thanks. Curtis and Adle, in a series of succinct essays, address seemingly every issue facing women today and approach them from a biblical point of view. Curtis and Adle do not mince words, but their essays are entertaining, kind, and timely, pointing the Christian woman towards a way to live biblically. 

The book is divided into four sections and within each are the various essays. While reading through the book from start to finish is probably best—there is a reason the essays are ordered the way they are —each essay stands well enough on its own. I could see this book used in book studies and small groups. I think churches would do well to have mothers, daughters, and all other women of the church reading this book together and along with the bible to learn more about what biblical femininity looks like (Titus 2:3-5). After all, I think we have a pretty good idea of what feminism is. However, the reason why I specifically mention mothers and daughters is so that both can grow together, and because children model their parents.

Ok, so the authors do not address literally every topic a woman faces, but they come pretty close. They speak on the sad reality of feminism, who really won the sexual revolution, women of the Bible, what service and submission and weakness actually mean, humility, modesty, motherhood, following our dreams, and other subjects pertaining to us being humans and daughters of God.  I was, however, thinking that they would go more in-depth on two subjects: attire for women and abortion. But there are simply some topics, such as these, that fit into not one but a variety of the other essays.  

As I mentioned above, I think this book is timely. Not that I think it could not have come out earlier. In fact, I wish I would have known of it sooner. Rather, I think our culture and churches are ripe for listening to the message of LadyLike. Over the years, I have read different books that taught on subjects like purity culture, courtship, singleness, womanhood, lies girls believe, and other related subjects that were an attempt at discussing how to “live biblically” and work towards “God’s plan for your life.” LadyLike is not that type of book. This book takes issues facing nearly every woman at multiple stages of life—those encountered or that will be encountered—and presents them in light of scripture in an easy to read format. The book makes the reader reassess their beliefs and attitudes on how they view themselves as women and what that means as a Christian. 

Honestly, I wish I would have had this book as a teenager, even if I would not have wanted to hear some messages. Or better yet, as a middle schooler so that I would have been more receptive. Even now, there were many times where I felt in the spotlight and convicted.  Perhaps like the book of James, we should come away feeling a little bit like we have mud on our faces. Truly, we all need growth and grace.  But Curtis and Adle did not want to just make us feel bad, pointing out all the ways we do not measure up. Instead, the authors intended for LadyLike to be a book of growth and encouragement, and it is most certainly that. 

This book is timely for our day. Feminism has truly destroyed in the minds of many the beauty of what God made when he made woman. In some way, this book hopes to repair that damage. God made man and woman. We are both made in God’s image, but we each have our own roles to play. We, ladies, were not made to be men any more than men were made to be women. Living biblically is more than just adhering to a set of “outdated” modes of living or conforming to uncomfortable rules. Living biblically is living as God intended, be that in the home, at work, with friends, toward our husbands or children, or whatever places and gifts He has given to us. Following God’s Word means that we live in joy and rest in His grace to do the works He has prepared for us (Eph. 2:8-10). 

Blessings to you and yours, 


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