Rose: Review – The Angels’ Portion


Author: Rev. Christopher Thoma
Publisher: Grail Quest Books

As the author mused at the beginning of the book, The Angel’s Portion is not the book most would expect from a pastor, let alone a Lutheran one. For one, it has very little to do with “churchy things.” For another, it is about Scotch, not beer, so it may offend the German Lutheran. But if you can look at this book for the treasure trove of witty tales that it is, this is the book for you, regardless of creed or drink.

Like Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor, I found The Angels’ Portion to be well-written and engaging, pulling me towards the next story and review. The chapters are brief, yet hearty. Truly, the subtitle is fitting: This is a whisky narrative. This is a book of reviews of Scotch, but the stories make it so much more than a collection of published whisky reviews. I never would have thought this would have been a book I would enjoy, and yet I did. This was not a book I underlined, like many books have endured. Even so, there were many a witty quote within, and there were portions that made me remark on its cleverness and wisdom.

The Angels’ Portion is entertaining, humorous without exaggeration, and familiar. If you like short stories, you will enjoy this book. If you like scotch, you will enjoy the stories that go along with. If you are looking for a brief read between the long tomes, this book will appease. If you want to read a long book on one topic, you will find it here. And if you just like reading for the sake of pleasure, enjoyment of the silly, to appreciate the everyday and visualize the taste, or perhaps you are looking for something new to try, The Angels’ Portion is the book for you.

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