Beckett: Poetry – No. 1709, A Plea for Vengeance

A limerick based on Psalm 5:4-12.

You do not delight in evil;
against You it is feeble.
     Evil boasts and deceives
     and causes You to bereave.
Against it, You are lethal.

Evil once characterised me;
all evil from You it flees.
     Yet You brought me into Your kingdom
     with a love quite fearsome.
Now, I worship You with glee.

O God, uphold my righteousness
in the midst of much wickedness,
     for they shout only deceit, —
     their lies never discrete, —
and they fear not Your awesomeness.

Convict them in their guilt, —
their own destruction they quilt.
     They incite only rebellion
     against You and all of Heaven;
therefore, let them rot and wilt.

Yet for we who seek refuge
in the Holy Spirit's deluge,
     grant us songs of joy
     and let Your Son deploy
vengeance against evil's refuse.
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