Beckett: Poetry – No. 1660, The Sixth Commandment

“You shall not commit adultery.”
     Lead a sexually pure life
     and serve your spouse with honour.

No matter what you say,
     and no matter the strife,
     there’s no excuse for adultery.

Faithfulness should always stay, —
     whether husband or wife, —
     to keep the bed with honour.

All temptations you must belay,
     lest with impurity your marriage is rife
     and fall into gross adultery.

Singles, avert your eyes away
     from another’s husband or wife,
     and other singles for their honour.

If your marriage is in trouble, go and pray,
     lest your marriage fall into utter strife.
     Give no justification for adultery,
     for it can never have any honour.

For his poems on commandments 7-10, visit Ricky’s Instagram.

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