Beckett: Poetry – No. 1656, The Second Commandment

Do not misuse the name of God,
     for which there is more than one way.
     His name inspires awe.

Do not swear with His name;
     to swear falsely you must belay.
     There is no other name like God

Using His name is not a game;
     He holds His wrath at bay.
     That the wicked still live, be in awe.

His name is never to blame;
     for His people He always stays.
     You cannot judge God.

Mercy His name proclaims,
     even if you fall away.
     Before His grace stand in awe.

With the occult do not shame
     the One whom grace conveys.
     With all power is the name of God;
     worship Him with fear and awe.

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