Daily Devotion: God’s Word Never Stops

John 4:39, 41, Many Samaritans from that town believed in [Jesus] because of the woman’s testimony… And many more believed because of His Word.

Only God’s Word has the power to create cause and effect. When God speaks, stuff happens. He spoke, and He created the entire universe with all of its laws. He speaks, and He creates faith. God has a habit of creating ex nihilo (out of nothing). He created the universe ex nihilo and He creates faith ex nihilo. Even when humans speak His Word, it remains His Word; it never becomes ours.

I receive many compliments on my sermons and various writings—even though I never preach nor write perfectly—but it is not my word; it is God’s Word. Praise Him for my eloquent speech and writing; they come from Him and belong to Him. I am grateful for such compliments, yet the praise still belongs to God. Speaking for God is a risky and weighty task. If one wanders into heresy and/or false doctrine, they will be judged harshly.

God’s creative Word is perpetually at work. If you are breathing, God is speaking. God speaks when you see light, hear sound, feel touch, see the wind blow, the rain fall, the animals frolic, and so on. People often question if God is present. The ability to even utter and think that question is possible because God is present—actively upholding the entire universe down to the chemicals in your brain to formulate such doubt. This is what Scripture means when it says God’s Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12); it never stops.

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