Beckett: Poetry – No. 1612, The Things He Carried

January 1990 he was born,
the laughter he brought a blessing.
To others he gifted joy,
always to bring a smile.
Darkness in his heart absent,
his soul was at peace.

The thief came and robbed his peace;
racism was now born.
Darkness was no longer absent;
he lost every blessing.
On his face was seldom a smile;
he soon became a stranger to joy.

Thus, he learnt to fake joy, —
putting on a façade of peace.
Bullies robbed him of his smile,
depression now born.
Now a stranger to blessings,
all hope was absent.

Hope and faith utterly absent,
he no longer believed in joy.
Sleep was his only blessing, —
dreaming where he found peace.
He wished he was never born, —
the thought of death his only smile.

No frown turning into a smile,
desire of life totally absent,
suicide thus now born,
death would be his only joy.
Finally, he would be at peace, —
death his desired blessing.

Suddenly, One gave a true blessing, —
He looked upon him with a smile
and promised to give him peace.
Darkness once again absent,
Jesus Christ gifted him His joy,
in the Spirit a second time born.

Hope and faith no longer absent,
Jesus Christ promises His joy
to be in you forever born.

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