It’s Not About You

John 1:36, And [John the Baptiser] looked at Jesus as He walked by and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”

All preaching and all Christian living must point to Christ. Preaching and Christian living are not about you and me; it is all about Christ. That might sound cliché; nevertheless, it always remains true. Besides, we sinners always need reminding of this.

John the Baptiser, when Christ came to begin His public ministry, did not point to himself. He did not say, “Look at how good of a Christian I am! I kept my Nazirite vows by never cutting my hair and even eating locusts! And look at how many I’ve baptised!” Instead, he pointed to Christ and said, “Look! The Lamb of God! The one who sacrifices His life for the sins of the world!”

Do not come to me or anyone else, therefore, and say, “Look at how good of a Christian I am! Look at what I did for Jesus!” To which I say, “Good for you, but did you die for my sins?” This is not to belittle good works. Good works are necessary for Christian living but not for salvation (FC SD.IV). That is, good works have no bearing upon your relationship with God, but they do have bearing upon your relationship with God’s creatures.

Good works are done for the sake of your neighbour that you may bring Christ to them. Your good works are never about you, but they are always about Christ in serving your neighbour. Thus, when you do good, your works should always tell of the Lamb of God, for He has done the greatest work of all: justification of the sinner (forgiveness of sins).

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