Beckett: Poetry – No. 1562, The Trial

Good morning, O Lord my God.
The Devil has plainly shown
this sinner who stands before You
was caught in various sins.

I always knew I’d be a failure.
In the end, O Lord my God,
I do all things out of sinful desire.
My Lord, this will not do.

Depressed, I am sunken in despair
like a narrow fellow fallen in a pit.
Satan must have taken my soul away,
and thus, I hear Your verdict.

“The evidence before Me is indisputable.
Surely, you are guilty of all Lucifer says,
and truly your shame is well founded.
Hear, then, the verdict of the Lord:

“Behold, the Lamb on the cross!
As surely as His innocent blood flows over your sins,
so I see your guilt and shame no more.
Enter, therefore, My son, into My joy!”

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