God’s Perfect Timing

Luke 2:6, And whilst they were there, the time came for her to give birth.

God the Father chose the time and place Jesus would be born on purpose. We sometimes wish He was born during our modern times, but the circumstances of Jesus’ birth and earthly life were perfect for His purposes—the political tyranny of Rome, the continued hypocrisy of the Jews, and other factours. The significance of Jesus’ birth and earthly life would have powerful ripple effects throughout all history. God’s timing is not our own; His timing is always perfect.

When we pray, “Come, Lord Jesus,” we are praying for His second coming. This is a good prayer, yet Jesus will only come when God the Father says it is time, and the timing will be perfect. In spite of what Jesus said in Matthew 24:36we still have people attempting to predict the time—even the exact date—of Jesus’ coming, and they are left disappointed every time because it is impossible for us to know the day or hour.

That day will be like a thief in the night, no matter how prepared we are; it will surprise us (Matthew 24:42-44). Whether that day be this afternoon, next month, or 300 years from now, God’s timing will be perfect.

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