Do Not Fret

Psalm 37:8, Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.

As joyous as the Advent and Christmas seasons might be, they can also be filled with much anxiety. Our holiday meals need to be “perfect” and we grow anxious about whether or not someone will like their gift. Traveling causes anxiety too: going through airport security, sitting on a crowded airplane, driving through holiday traffic, etc.

As much time as we spend in anxiety, we should spend an equal amount of time in prayer. How does worry—or anxiety—tend to evil? With so much worry, we grow impatient with others and snap at them, like in the security line or a line at a busy store to buy gifts. Even more, worry is a failure to trust God, which is a greater evil.

Jesus says God cares for you more than all creation (Matthew 6:25-34); you have no reason to worry, even in troubling times, because God is always with you whether you feel it or not. So, do not fret this holiday season. This season (and all seasons) is about Jesus, so don’t forget He is with you in the midst of your errands and traveling. Whenever you begin to worry, pray for His comfort and blessing.

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