Beckett: Poetry – No. 1253, I Plead Guilty

This poem is based on Romans 14:12; 8:38-39.

Father, Your Word says we’ll all
give an account of ourselves to You.
Lord, I am guilty of all my sins.
What other account do I have to give?

Even when I tell myself I’ll stop sinning,
I still commit that particular sin.
What reason do I have to justify myself
apart from my baptism in the Spirit of Christ?

I would be a fool to stand before You
and list reasons why I’m innocent,
for I have no innocence within me;
I am a sinner and I plead guilty of my crimes.

But I have faith and hope in Christ,
that in Him I am made righteous,
able to stand justified before You,
covered in His holy, innocent blood.

Thus, I plead for Your mercy in my guilt,
holding on to the promise of Christ,
for I know nothing can separate me
from Your love in Christ Jesus my Lord.

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