Beckett: Poetry – No. 1230, An Unconventional Love Story

Take notice of her innocence, and mark it well,
the life of which she possesses thou indefatigably deny.

It shocked thee first, and me second, for although unplanned,
our two hybrids mingled together to create her.
The conception of our bond is not illegal, but many frown upon it
as sin of lost virginity, and bring it to our shame.
     Although we enjoyed our coitus, they are right.
     Let us repent and raise this innocent one,
     and this, alas, is the best we can do.

Stop! Spare the innocent’s life.
From whence we stand, let us marry, —
this innocent, thou and me, and thus
reconcile the marriage bed we defiled.
Although our parents condemn us,
they matter not, for God forgiveth us.
     Though Satan is apt to destroy us,
     let us abound in prayer and God’s grace,
     for this sin of ours God hath cleansed.

Such abrupt cruelty, why hast thou
spilled innocent blood at a selfish cost?
Wherein could this innocent’s guilt lie?
For she was God’s gift to you and me.
Frozen in the despair of such cruelty,
a waterfall of tears streameth down my face.
     For now with her life thou hast gone withal,
     I pray God hath mercy upon thy poor soul
     and see to it I see our unborn in Heaven.

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