Beckett: Poetry – No. 1180; Knight in Shining Armour, Reprise

This poem is based ono Ephesians 6:10-18 and Psalm 1. “Reprise” is in the title because I have an oler poem with the same title that is, quite frankly, poorly written.

This armour I wear shines for no woman;
it shines for a much greater love.
I wear the armour of God,
standing firm against the Devil.

I fasten my belt of truth,
the cornerstone of my faith unwavering,
buckled tightly by the grace of Christ.
Never shall I fall into the hellfire.

I wear the breastplate of righteousness,
retaining Christ’s righteousness in me
in spite of the many beatings I take,
for Christ retains it for me.

My feet prepared for the Gospel of peace,
always ready to proclaim the Good News
of Jesus Christ, — the way to salvation
and the promise of death to sin.

I take up the shield of faith,
deflecting the flaming arrows of Satan,
for as I remain in Christ,
Satan can never touch my soul.

I put on the helmet of salvation,
always remembering my hope in Christ, —
a daily reminder of my baptism,
having been reborn into His kingdom

And I take up the sword of the Spirit, —
the true and powerful Word of God,
destroying every demonic adversary
who wishes to feed me lies.

All the while I pray to my Father,
and He takes care of all my needs,
planting me as a tree alongside a river
so that I may prosper in His name.

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