Jesus Christ: The Gift of God

2 Corinthians 9:15, Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (Greek translation.)

Gifts. These seem to be what this season is all about, whether they’re being purchased for oneself or for others. We can spend so much time shopping for gifts and setting up Christmas decorations  that we forget the real reason for this season: Jesus Christ.

What is a gift? Outside of this season, what is the function of a gift? It is undeserved, unexpected, and given to us out of the giver’s love. My girlfriend loves to collect Christian icons, especially crucifixes. I will see a crucifix I know she’ll like, buy it for her, and surprise her with the gift. Though she loves me so well, she will say she does not deserve me or the gift, but deserve has nothing to do with it. I give her the gift because of my deep love for her. I give her the gift and I give her my heart not because she did something to deserve it, but simply because I love her. If I gave it to her because she earned it, it would no longer be a gift, but a reward (cf. Romans 4:1-5).

Jesus is that gift to us. Jesus Christ is the heart of God our Father, whom He gave to you and me out of His deep love for you. We do not deserve such an indescribable gift! Such a profound gift was unexpected, even if He was prophesied about! For He was beyond what we expected, and even wanted. Thus, as we prepare gifts for this season, let us not forget to stop and give thanks to God for His Son, Jesus Christ, His indescribable gift to you and me.

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