Jesus Christ: Proof of God’s Love for You

Romans 5:8, God shows His love for us in that whilst we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

If you are a sinner, Christ died for you. Christ died for every person; therefore, everyone is a sinner. What is a sinner? A person who hurts others, hurts oneself, turns from God, becomes ill, and suffers death, whether these are done intentionally or unintentionally.

A sinner is a person who is broken—broken in suffering whether at one’s own expense or the expense of others. It is for your brokenness—no matter what it is—that Christ died for you.

So what? “Christ died for me. So what,” you may say. What does it mean that Christ died for you?

It means, if you believe this, because of Christ you have peace with God and will not suffer His wrath. By Christ’s death and resurrection, He has reconciled you to God (vv. 9-10). Instead of eternal death, if you believe in Christ, you will have eternal life. This, God assures in Baptism (6:1-5). Because of Christ, you are now free to no longer live a slave to your brokenness (6:6-23).

This is God’s love for you. Therefore, if you ever wonder if God loves you, ask yourself, “Did Jesus die for me,” and when you answer “yes,” then you know God surely loves you.

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