Messengers of the Good News

Luke 2:10-11, And the angel said to [the shepherds], “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people! For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord!”

Angels serve as God’s messengers, whether to carry out His wrath or to proclaim good news. They carry out God’s will. We, too, serve as messengers of God. We are all to proclaim the Good News that Jesus has come and is coming again!

How might we proclaim this message? Not everyone is a professional minister. Not everyone is an evangelist or missionary. Live as a Christian ought to live—one that speaks volumes of Christ’s grace and mercy. Such a life invites one to then hear about Jesus.

They will ask, “Why are you the way you are?” You shall say, “Because of Jesus Christ. Let me tell you about Him.” If you don’t know how to talk about Jesus, talk to your pastor, for it is his duty to train you in such ways.

Preach the Law with love and tact, and always provide the Gospel, for the Law serves the Gospel. There is only Good News because Jesus saves us from the condemnation of the Law. The Good News of Jesus Christ should always be on our tongue.


©Featured image by Greg Olson, The Nativity, 2015.

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