In the End, Look Up!

Luke 21:28, “Now, when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Jesus was talking about the signs of the end times and His second coming, which have been occurring for a couple millennia. Yet what about my end? Many fear death because what happens after is unknown. Some are certain nothing happens. Yet let’s leave them alone in their self-inflicted hopelessness for now. Many people—Christians and non-Christians alike—fear death, for it is to venture into the unknown. Christians should not fear death, but many do. It’s not wrong to fear death, but Christians no longer have to fear death.

I do not fear death, for I know what awaits me after death—being with the Lord and the resurrection of my body by virtue of my Baptism (cf. Romans 6:3-5). In fact, I welcome it. I tire of this dark world and its putrid hatred. I can be so sure of eternal life because the guarantee of my salvation rests in Christ my King. Do I want to die? Of course not. But I must. It is inevitable. Death is not natural—it is utterly unnatural from God’s original creation. Sin introduced death into the world, but through Christ, God introduced life back into the world.

Thus, upon my death—whether painful or peaceful—I can look up. In death, you, too, can look up and prepare to see our Lord. In the end, look up! For Christ our Lord breathes life into our dead lungs through the power of His Holy Spirit, whom we have received from God our Father.

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