Willis: Avengers – We Don’t Trade Lives… Unless They’re in the Womb

So, in the new Avengers: Infinity War, the concept that each and every life is extremely important becomes the key focus. This extends to even one being willing to give up one’s life to save countless trillions. And even when one makes a decision to sacrifice themselves, that decision is literally reversed. And on the surface, it is absolutely true that every single life matters, and that no one should be forced to give up their life to save others. And when they are forced by circumstance, those choices should be extremely hard and significant.

The actors have praised the films message, speaking in interviews on the theme, commenting that it is a message that should be supported and praised.

But it is interesting to note that the majority of the actors involved in the film are of the liberal leaning. Many, such as Scarlett Johansson, openly supports Planned Parenthood and the evil that is abortion, also known as the murder of infants.

(Perhaps it is wrong that I targeted Scarlett. Chris Pratt, for example, is a conservative Christian, and is not among the more liberal leanings. However, the vast majority all campaigned, supported, and voted for Hilary Clinton. And I believe all the women on the cast marched against Trump. Not that I directly support Trump, by the way.)

The common defense of abortion is that having the child would cause the mother and even the child harm, it would damage job prospects, damage future relationships, damage economic freedom, damage sexual freedom, and so forth. So, in this way, the woman involved is choosing her own life over the life of the infant based on assumptions of what may or may not be. This certainly is not the message of the film. Every life deserves to exist, but in real life apparently that does not apply to infants…

Perhaps liberals would argue that infants in the womb are not alive anyway. In fact, this realistically would be the only defense that would provide any counter. But it is also scientifically inaccurate. No medical professional would be justified in saying that the child in the womb is not alive, as in they do in fact have life. Now, it could be argued that the life is not sentient, but that certainly would involve a massive metaphysical debate on sentience.

Within each of us, we can feel the wrongness of abortion. It goes against nature to kill one’s young. Yes, yes, I realize hamsters eat their young, and sometimes it happens in other animals. But even in those cases, we know it is not right. There is something truly unnatural about it, just as there is something inherently wrong with incest.

In a sense, Thanos’ plan to murder half of the universe is because he believes there are not enough resources, too many people, etc. All of these reasons are often cited as reasons to support abortion.

Imagine if Thanos had said to the Avengers, “I am just going to snap my fingers together, and all creatures in every womb will be removed from existence, painlessly.” I wonder if they would have still fought him. I mean, its not like the fetus is a human life…

Think about it.

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