God Always Answers

Psalm 118:21, I thank You that You have answered me and have become my salvation.

This prayer is not always easy to say. God always answers our prayers, but it is not always with acquiescence. Sometimes, He answers with a refusal to our prayers. Either way, we have cause to praise Him. When we are humbled, He exalts us. He shows we are sinners, and He makes us righteous—justified in His Son our Lord. Showing us we deserve Hell, He promises us Heaven. When He brings us to defeat, He also brings us to victory. When He permits our death, He gives us life. When He permits us to mourn, He brings us comfort in our affliction. When He permits us to weep, He brings us joy. When He makes us become fools, He makes us wise. When He permits us to be poor, He makes us rich. When we are rich, He makes us poor. When we become servants, He makes us masters.

When we are humble, He acquiesces our prayers and exalts us, or He refuses our prayers that we might remain humble. When we are haughty, He refuses our prayers and teaches us humility. When we sin, He promises to forgive our sin, and by faith He makes us righteous before Him. When we fear the power of Hell, He shows us His kingdom brought into this world through Jesus Christ. When we are defeated, He lifts us up again. When He brings us to victory, He reminds us that He is the Victor. When we die, He brings us to eternal life. When we mourn, He brings us comfort and peace. When we weep, He brings us joy in His Word and song. When we are foolish, He makes us wise. When we think ourselves to be wise, He makes us foolish. When we are poor, He makes our spirit rich. When we trust in our material riches, He makes us poor in spirit. When He makes us His servants, He makes us masters, and yet as masters, like Christ, we remain servants.

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