When Dismay Comes

Psalm 30:6-7, As for me, I said in my prosperity, “I shall never be moved.” By Your favour, O LORD, You made my mountain stand strong; You hid Your face; I was dismayed.

Often when things are going so well, we find that suffering comes, and we say, “God has abandoned me! Why does He bless me and later hide Himself?” At times, it is because we trust Him less and less in times of prosperity, and so He leads us to dismay. Other times, there is no reason but His own choosing. After all, look at Job. God made a bet with Satan, did as He willed with Job, and Job learnt of his complete reliance and dependence on God. In either case, we learn to constantly return to prayer and the Word (oratio & meditatio) when our trials (tentatio) inevitably come. The reason matters not; the result should always be that we totally rely and depend on God and His Word.

Please enjoy this poem I wrote based on Psalm 30:6-12:

No. 1360, Plea for Your Favour
In my wealth, I said,

‘I am surely secure.’
But only in Your favour
am I ever secure.

So, in my idolatry,
You hid Your face.
I lost it all
and became dismayed.

And so, I cry to You
and plead for mercy:
What good is my death?
Can my corpse praise You?

Therefore, be merciful to me,
a poor, miserable sinner!
Help me in my despair!
May I have favour once more!

You have turned my despair into joy;
You have removed my filthy grime
and clothed me in Your righteousness,
and so I shall praise You forever.

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