The Father’s Duty

Written while in Guatemala on January 24, 2018.

Ephesians 6:4, Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

The father’s duty is to discipline his children in the Lord and to teach them the Word. Although I grew up in a Christian home, we were not always church goers; and although I have a good father, he did not teach me the Word much. Why are Lutherans and Catholics the only faiths who have catechism classes for their children? I did not grow up Lutheran, so I had no catechesis at church or in the home. It seems as if Christian fathers (and mothers) are too lazy to catechise their children (indeed, many have bad theology, such as the “age of accountability” false doctrine).

Fathers, if you don’t catechise your kids about Jesus, somebody else will. And this is not a good thing. If you do not catechise your kids about creation, God’s story in the Old Testament, and God’s sacrifice and apostolic doctrine in the New Testament, the world will catechise your children that God is a fairy-tale, that the Bible is outdated, and even worse: that Jesus never died for their sins. If you allow this and are indifferent, what kind of father are you?

I cannot help but think of these Guatemalan children whose fathers abandon them or die too young, whether from alcoholism or the rare chance they stay and die protecting their family from gangs and other abusive men. These poor children often do not have fathers to catechise them about Jesus. And we American fathers in our privilege of wealth are indifferent and too lazy to catechise our kids? Lord, have mercy! Fathers, if you do not catechise your kids, I urge you to step up and fulfil your God-given duty and responsibility to raise your children in the Lord. If not, may the Lord use a godly man to catechise your child in the Lord.

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