To Know Christ

1 Corinthians 1:30, Because of (God), you are in Christ Jesus, who has become wisdom to us from God, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption (own Greek translation).

To unpack the full meaning of this text could fill an entire volume. Thus, I borrow from Luther, who explains it succinctly, “You comprehend this fully when you realise that all your wisdom is damnable stupidity, your righteousness damnable unrighteousness, your purity damnable impurity, your redemption damnable condemnation; and when you thus discover that before God and all creatures you are actually a fool, a sinner, an unclean and condemned man, and when you show not only with words but also with all your heart and your deeds, that you are left with no other comfort and salvation than the fact that Christ is given you by God and that you believe in Him and partake of Him, whose righteousness alone can preserve you, as you appeal to it and rely on it” (from Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer for Simple Laymen, Luther’s Works 42:58).

To know Christ is to know that we are foolish—that the wisdom we have is His; that our righteousness comes from Him, not from ourselves; that His Holy Spirit makes us pure, not our good deeds; that He redeems us from our sins, and without Him we are damned. If you know and believe these things, you know Christ. To know Christ is to totally rely on Him and His righteousness to preserve us. All this comes from God through Christ, to whom we give our praise.

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