God’s Goodness & Mercy into the New Year

Psalm 23:6, Surely, goodness and mercy shall pursue me all the days of my life, and I shall return in the house of YHWH forever (own Hebrew translation).

A fitting psalm for today—the last day of the year. At the close of every year, people assume the new year will be immediately better as if there’s some sentience to the year, then they complain about how bad it was when it’s over. I don’t think the year was bad so much as people just have a bad outlook on life year-round, so they’re bound to think the year was bad. So, perhaps every year is bad because so many people have a bad outlook on life. Hence why this psalm is so appropriate, at least for believers.

All year, Christians are bombarded with attacks from the Devil, mostly in the public sphere. The Christian is not promised an easy life; tribulation is certain. Yet God’s goodness and mercy are always present, which we must continually pray for in a world that wants nothing more than to persecute us and kill us. How can His goodness and mercy possibly be with us when we suffer for His name’s sake? One, we should rejoice that we are counted worthy to suffer dishonour for His name (cf. Acts 5:41). Two, because in spite of our suffering, our souls will return to God’s house upon our death. Only God’s goodness and mercy allows this. Thus, as we live each year, we live knowing that we belong to the house of God, to which our souls shall return at the end of our days.

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