Wrath Laid Aside

Matthew 21:5, “Say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Behold, your king is coming to you.'”

What sort of king comes to his people? What sort of king humbles himself and makes the effort to walk amongst his people? None other than Jesus Christ, King of the Jews! Christ is not a king who demands His people travel long distances to Him, prostrate before Him, and pay tribute to Him in order to earn favour. This King contrasts from the Caesar of Rome. Rather, He traveled the distance from His heavenly throne to earth, and He came to Zion not on a white stallion in His might and wrath—which He won’t do till the end (Revelation 19:11)—but He came to Zion humbly on a donkey to bring salvation to all—to bring God’s favour as a gift. This is the same King who comes to us today, especially in His Holy Sacraments which He graciously invites us to partake. He does not come to us as He came to Adam, Cain, the Flood, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, and to Israel on Mt. Sinai. He came to these as Judge in His might and wrath. In Christ, God does not come to us in His wrath and as Judge for us to account for our sins since He already knows what they are. He is still the King who has wrath, which He will send upon the earth and the wicked in the end, but today in Christ the King, He lays aside His wrath and comes to us as Kinsman Redeemer to impart His righteousness by grace through faith.

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