God’s Unceasing Provision

Psalm 118:1, Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!

Such should be the daily prayer of both those who have much and those who have little. For we who have much, it is easy to forget how dependent we are on God and that all we have has come from Him. For we who have little, it is easy to think God has forgotten us and does not care for us. Yet both are equally dependent on God, for God gives and takes away as He sees fit (Job 1:21). Whether we have much or little, God’s love endures forever, for He gives us all air, food, and water; He gives us warmth and cold, night and day; clothes, children, and other means for living. Some He gives much, others He gives little. We are in no place to question this “fairness” or “unfairness.” For who can peer into the mind of God and fathom? Indeed, He scolds those who are foolish enough to try (Job 38-42). We do not even fathom our own selves (Psalm 19:12; Jeremiah 17:9).

Even when we have little, we have much to be thankful for, for God is good. If we have much but have Christ, what eternal significance is there in the many we have? If we have little but have Christ, what eternal significance is there in the few we have? For whether we have much or little, we all return to dust, and all our things perish with this earth. Whether we are rich or poor, God is good to both and remains faithful to both, for He will raise both from the dead. Whether we are rich or poor in this life matters not, for we both receive the same salvation from God and the same riches of eternal life. Let us, therefore, always give thanks to our God, who is good and whose mercy endures forever.

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